Saturday, February 26, 2011

More on the 3 day walk

My first get together was today in Encinitas. Only 10 people there, all but 2 had already signed up.
I have nothing to compare with, the stories I heard today! I feel so blessed and that only made me want to do this more.
Kel said get ready for the tears and I know what she means. They showed a video of some walkers and we heard a little of their stories. 3 women and 1 man where at the meeting to tell how many walks they have already done and why they were doing this. They gave suggestions and told us how to start, either walking or fund raising.
I met one of the trainers, she works a couple blocks from the office and is in charge of some of the training walks.
I'll keep in touch...

Friday, February 25, 2011

I will walk 60 miles!

Well I did it! I signed on for the the 3 Day Walk for the Cure! It's in November so I have plenty of time to get in shape.

I've already "upped" my walking. I'm feeling pretty good. Already bought new shoes, but will probably spring for another pair so I can alternate.

The last time I trained for a big walk, I wasn't eating the way I am now. So, I'm really interested to see what happens.

I'm excited!

Do you have someone I could walk for? I would put their name on my site and walk with them in my thoughts.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Susan G Komen, 3 day walk for the cure

3 days, 20 miles a day. I'm thinking about it! I would get to sleep in a tent!

If I could carry a sign with names of loved ones or anyone you might know that may have been affected by breast cancer whose name would you give me?

I would put my sister-in-laws name, Marcia, on first. She's doing fine!

Who could I walk for?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Think - Eat - and - Move my new subtitle

This is the move part…

I love tennis! I always have, even before I started playing I loved watching the game.

For years I played 3 or 4 times a week. Doubles on one day and singles the rest with my best friend Judee. We even went on Tennis weekends. Newport Beach, Ca. was a favorite destination. We took our rackets to Hawaii and would get up at the crack of dawn to play before it got to hot. We took a tennis clinic at Vic Braden’s in Cota de Caza Ca. I wasn’t the best, I rarely won a singles match, but I did have a “killer” two handed backhand. Down the line or across the court, it was great.

So, why did I stop playing? We moved, but I would travel once a week for doubles for months. It sometimes would take 1 hour each way, so that got old fast. Then I broke my ankle. What could have been a temporary situation turned permanent.

Why? Why did I stop something I truly loved doing? It got difficult. I would have had to find someone to play with, find a place to play, find a group to fit in, fit it into my new schedule. It was easier to just stop.

Easier is, well, easier.

Fast forward several years, my son decided to do a marathon in Ireland. He started training. I thought I would train along with him, only, I trained to walk a marathon. We were in different cities and his daily training was a lot shorter than mine. I would be out for hours, walking all over town. I discovered wonderful areas I would never have seen if I weren’t walking. I really enjoyed this time. The weather was always beautiful, southern California need I say more. I wore a small backpack with water and some snacks.

After months of training, I’m ready for my marathon!

I mapped my route. Leave the office in Oceanside, walk west to the coast, turn south and walk to Del Mar, California. I walked along the coast and through great little seaside towns. Jim, my husband, was my pacer. He checked to see where I was and would then drive down the route and wait. One girl from my office even made me a number to wear on my shirt!

I did it! Actually, walked 27.4 miles. My friend Judee joined me for the final couple of miles. This put me at the restaurant where Jim was waiting. Beer and fish tacos! Again, southern California, that’s what we do!

Walking became my exercise of choice. As easy as walking is, I still have to make myself do it!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Kel tells it like it is!

I had to grab Kel's latest post and share it, in case you missed it.

I love the way she explains things. Simple and to the point. If more people could read this post it would save them so much time and heart break. Heart break because people are still believing in and hoping for a "quick fix". The easy pill to swallow or the packaged food they are told to eat. The heartbreak comes when people stop taking the pill and stop eating the pre-packaged food and the weight comes back.

Learn to eat the right way. Realize you should eat "real" food. Stay away from packaged food. If a packaged item has ingredients that you don't recognize, it isn't real food.

NutriMirror people are willing to help with tips and advise. Kel is one of those people.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Balancing for Health: Kirkus Discoveries names BDBL...

Balancing for Health: Kirkus Discoveries names BDBL...

Balanced Days Balanced Lives

Kirkus Discoveries names BDBL...

Kirkus discoveries has named Balanced Days Balanced Lives "Best health and fitness book of 2010".

We believe our "new" way of looking at how we think, eat, and move can change a lot of lives. It's very nice to be recognized.

This was a labor of love, for what we believe in and the people we have grown to know over the years.

Thank you to all of our contributors! Right now I can't even sit still!