Wednesday, November 20, 2013

2013 Susan G Komen 3 day walk for the Cure

As a team Powered by Optimism raised over $260,000.00!

San Diego raised over $6,000,000.00

This is always a hard thing to write about. Breast cancer is a very serious subject but the 3-day event is a wonderful thing to experience. How do I balance the two?

The training is hard and long but when we are finished we go home and soak our feet or what ever we need to do so we can go out the next day. We laugh along the way and make new friends. We enjoy the times we have with each other and we know that whining causes blisters.

On the other hand, those suffering with breast cancer can’t stop and say I’ll start up again tomorrow. They go through rough times with treatments and can’t just put a Band-Aid on.  We have survivors on our team and all I see are their beautiful smiles.

We are encouraged along the way by complete strangers who dance, sing and offer us treats. Or by just being silly. A lot of the people come out yearly and we've given them names. This guy is also known as the Jeep guy. He starts in the early morning in his Jeep and pajamas

 then changes outfits as the day goes by, can you even see him? He's a bush!
Here's our favorite Fireman
Here are the Melon guys
A little fun at Sea World
If you have a problem along the way and can't finish, we have "sweeper vans" that will take you to the next stop or back to camp. This one is driven by my sister Tere's friend.
There a wonderful porta-potties along the way. Here's an example of the inside door of one, humor all over the place!
I love when we get a long line and picture op. This is leaving camp on our way to 20 miles.
Mike and Ericka announced they are expecting their 2nd child. 5 months along and they did 60 miles!
Lots of smiles.
Family support
My greeters Jim and Judee
Because our team, Powered by Optimism, did a good job this year we got special treats. Amy needed two hands.

Last day we took advantage.
This is me with Kim and Amy, two of my team leaders
Even after walking almost 60 miles in 3 days we can still dance while waiting to walk into the closing ceremony.
My first and second day!  The line for the last day was too long.

We walk for our loved ones, our friends and people we don’t know. We walk because others can't walk.

Thank you for your donations and for keeping me in your thoughts.

Oh, by the way, I’ve already signed up for 2014!