Sunday, August 28, 2011

75 Day Sketch Challenge

I recently completed a “75 day sketching challenge”. The only rule was to sketch at least 1 “ink” drawing a day. This is hosted by Brenda Swenson

I haven’t done any drawing in a long time, so I saw this as a “good challenge”. Besides, when the challenge has been completed Brenda will send an ARTISTIC LICENSE, if you let her know you’ve finished. It looks like a drivers license but it’s artistic instead. Cute idea.

Here are some of my attempts.

Looking at object and not at paper:


I've never worked with pen before and didn't know how to shade. My friend jc, sent some examples for me to try:

Applying my new shading technique. This is the corner of my hutch:

A shameless plug for NutriMirror (see side bar):

jc was so helpful in sending lessons and examples. This is one she had me add color too.

Working on perspective:

This is the Chapel my daughter was married in:

I can't draw anything from memory. A teacher once told me to take my own pictures of a subject I like, then draw from that. So, that's what I do.

Of course I'm only sharing the pictures I hope are recognizable. The really bad ones I'm keeping to myself.