Monday, May 14, 2012

I went for a hike the other day.

I’ve gone on this path before, so I am familiar with the terrain.  This is a view from the trail head/parking lot.

Beautiful day, I pass some hikers and others pass me.  All ages and sizes, some with dogs. Talked to a man who is using walking poles. He told me how much he liked using them, also told me is 80 years old! 

Some areas are very rocky.

I made it to the top, usually someone is there, but this time I’m alone. I sign the book and take some pictures. Call Jim and tell him where I am.  I leave some water in the dog dish.  (Some dog owners will bring their dogs up this mountain and not have water for them!) 

I can either go back down the trail or continue on, I head for the water tower in the distance, that little white spot.  This will double the distance of my hike.


This is the back side of the mountain and the pretty side. So, more pictures.

  Facing East


  Facing South

 I’ve reached the tower.  

I circle the back side and head back to the trail head. Because I’m at the top you would think it would be downhill from here, but no, there’s an area that is a long uphill grade with lots of twist in the trail. It’s getting hotter and I find myself looking ahead and thinking I will see the next path soon. But, I don’t see it, just another twist in the path and the path keeps going up!

I remind myself to start earlier next time because it’s pushing noon and getting really hot. I’m using my water to wet my scarf and put some in my hat. I ask myself “Why did I leave so much water in the dog dish!”
I keep looking ahead, this path will never end! There are spots with rocks and pebbles and sand, so I do have to watch my step.
Finally, the path I’m looking for!  I go to the left and walk for quite a while.  It doesn’t seem right, it’s not familiar.  I turn around and head back.  This has to be right, and turn around again.  I’m talking to myself by this time.  I must have done this 6 times before I make myself go back to the start of the path.
When I got there I see I had actually passed the path I had been looking for.  I had walked up hill far longer than I needed to walk!
There has to be a lesson here somewhere...